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sofar sofar at
Mon Mar 20 07:08:54 CET 2006

Hi all,

I have seen plenty of people asking for application ideas recently - but no good ideas. Well - I have been thinking of one that would provide a good project and would be easy to implement in the xfce-style of making programs - modular, small, fast.

Xfce lacks an archive manager - in the future xffm and thunar might implement some system to browse, create, edit archives of different types. There are plenty of possible places to rip (borrow!) good (and worse) parts of code from. xfburn is a good example of how a GUI can wrap around user functions. xarchive/xarchiver have basically implemented some of the functionality of what an archive manager needs.

I would like to see if I can startup an xfce archive manager with interested people - I can work out design objectives, review code and all but really need programmers (experience would be nice!) to help me out. 

I'm mainly thinking of the following:

- small!
- feature-poor, only minimal operation supported
- plugin interface or similar - use 3d party compression/decompression tools, detect on runtime if possible
- use mime spec for determining file type(?)
- drag&drop support for adding files to an archive (and create)
- drag&drop support for extracting files from an archive (1)
- thunar integration with fd.o desktop spec "action"s - "extract here"

So, I'm kicking the ball into the field - feel free to kick it around. I hope people will take up this challenge and come up with something that makes Xfce a better desktop!


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