xorg 7 and XKB switcher

Sergey Manucharyan sm at netsys.am
Fri Mar 17 15:47:13 CET 2006

Hi folks,

After updating xorg to 7.0 (in ArchLinux) the XFCE's XKB layout switcher
plugin  doesn't work properly (xfce-, xkb-plugin-0.3.2 (or 0.3.4)).

I have 3 kbd layouts in xorg.conf: us,ru,am.
Now their indicators seem to be "shifted":
for the 1st (US) the plugin shows "PC" letters instead of US flag (but
works), when switching to 2nd (RU) it shows US flag instead of Russian one
(but Russian layout works) and for the 3rd (Armenian) it shows Russian
flag, but Armenian layout is switched on.

What can cause such a strange behaviour?


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