xfce4-panel dying?

Krisztian VASAS iron at ironiq.hu
Fri Mar 17 08:00:32 CET 2006

Josh Kelley wrote:
> We're having problems on several machines with xfce4-panel dying.  (At
> least, I'm assuming this is what's happening.)  When this happens, the
> session manager saves the fact that xfce4-panel is no longer running,
> so on subsequent logins, users get badly confused about the lack of
> any buttons to click on.

Did you upgrade to glib2 2.10.1 or gtk2 2.8.14 (i don't know whether one 
of these packages are ready in CentOS). I noticed that one of the 
mentioned packages cause a "double free or corruption" error. In the 
backtrace i noticed that the free is in glib2, but after installing the 
older version this problem haven't solved. The problem exists on i686 
and x86_64 platforms.

If the devels want, i can provide a stack trace.

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