What applications do Xfce users use?

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Fri Aug 18 22:07:57 CEST 2006

Hi.  I thought I'd mention some of apps I use for XFCE, for its
console vs. KDE dichotomy, if nothing else.

I have a preference for using all terminal apps, launching DCOP-based
GUIs for displaying graphical content (DCOP b/c of its superior
automatic handling of MIME types, etc. -- I HATE GNOME's File-Open
dialogs.) So this is what I do for my every-day desktop:

XFCE with KDE subservice loaded
  Links + Konqueror (Web)
  Akgregator (RSS)
  emacs-jabber + Psi (XMPP)
  GIMP (graphics)
  emacs 22.0.50 CVS
  Mutt+Emacs+Fetchmail+SLAPD+Kmail+Kaddressbook+Links (email)
  lots of custom shell scripts to automate fetchmail, IMAP syncing,
    GPG-encrypted text databases, DCOP ticks, MIME tricks, etc.

XFCE desktop configured to handle both 1-head and 2-head displays.

Two (2) scripts to automatically launch instances of ssh-tunneled
rxvt-unicde+screen, rdesktop, RealVNC, for over 20 machines
world-wide. Each machine, including local, has exactly one (1)
urxvt+screen instance with a minimum of 10 shells.

T Stotts

URL:   http://tstotts.net/

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