Changing Default Desktop Icons

tomw at tomw at
Sat Aug 12 07:12:03 CEST 2006

As far as I know thunar was compiled with the desktop .... ie: thunar is available
(Xfce Beta 2 was compiled using the installer .. not a .deb package)

Desktop (folder)  and within it a link to Documents forlder exist probably because of KDE.
(This Documents folder is visable on the Desktop)

I can create a empty file in the desktop folder using thunar

But when I right click on the empty file no create launcher option is available from the menu ....

Where would this launcher file be located ... in the desktop folder, what name is it hidden?

Does this file contain all the entries for all the icons on the desktop
or does each desktop icon have it's own launcher file ... seems's logical.

Should it be this complicated or am I just a little slow?

Not complaining this is what beta testing is about.

----- Original Message -----From: adesign new < at>Date: Friday, August 11, 2006 4:31 pmSubject: RE: Changing Default Desktop IconsTo: xfce at> hi> > i had the same problem.> > 1. be sure that xfdesktop is compiled with thunar> 2. go to Desktop Settings -> Behavior -> Desktop Icons. select > the entry> File/launcher icons> 3. create a folder in your home director  Desktop> > now you can create a shortcut in that folder. it will be visible > on the> desktop, or create a launcher file that looks as follows> > [Desktop Entry]> Exec=/usr/bin/firefox> Icon=/usr/share/icons/rodent/48x48/web-browser.png> StartupNotify=true> Type=Application> Name=firefox> > note, i found that xfdesktop does not always update the desktop when> something changes in the Desktop folder. i had to reload it.> > regards> benny> > > > 

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