Xfdesktop Memory Leak

Timothy White xfce.users at weirdo.bur.st
Thu Aug 3 15:29:38 CEST 2006

I noticed this arvo my memory usage had risen to a new record high!
(Obviously a lot was swapped out). I can show you memory graphs if you
want proof. I finally had a forced reboot the other day, so decided to
update xfce from svn at the same time.... I checked out revision

Upon investigating the memory usage, I discovered xfdesktop had
swapped more than 1.1Gb out! Ick! Killing it has made my memory look
much better!

I think possibly the reason for the memory leak, might have something
to do with how I am doing 'random' wallpapers. Because I don't logout
(except when forced to, by xfce upgrades or reboot) I have a crontab
entry that every 15 minutes runs 'xfdesktop -reload' or something
along those lines, forcing a reload, and a new picture. I assume that
xfdesktop is not releasing the memory it's holding the picture in, and
so each time it loads a new picture, it doesn't remove the old ones
from memory, or something like that.

For now I have disabled xfdesktop, and when I get a chance, I will try
and see why the memory is leaking. Otherwise, over to you guys!


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