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On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:40:29 -0400
Chris Dunn <chris at tropictc.com> wrote:

> Moving from Slackware and Fluxbox to Ubuntu and Xfce4, and am very
> pleased with the simplicity, and ease of setting up.

Hi Chris, welcome aboard.

> However, a few questions that the manual doesn't seem to answer.
> 1. Can I open an app automatically through ~/Desktop/Autostart/<app>,
> and have it start "sticky"?
> 2. Can I open an app automatically through ~/Desktop/Autostart/<app>,
> and have it start on a specific workspace, say workspace 3 of 8?

The above operations can be accomplished by using an external program
called devilspie (sudo apt-get install devilspie). Once you have it
installed, you'll need to read the docs in /usr/share/doc/devilspie
where you'll find an example config file etc. - it's pretty easy to
set up. 

> 3. Can I move the system tray to the panel, and delete it from the
> taskbar?

Yes you can do this via the settings dialog(s) found in the settings

> Chris Dunn

HTH, Myles
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