can't start xfce4 (but others users can)

raloulinux raloulinux at
Fri Sep 23 18:17:32 CEST 2005

Hello all!

I'll try to explain my problem :

I've been using xfce4 for many months, and I've even installed it for
all the users on th PC.

But, since a few days, after having log out foranother user; I can't log
in with xfce4 anymore. I ca,log with fluxbox for example (I'm using kdm,
but it doesn't work with startx too), the other users can log in with
xfce4, there is only me who can't log in using xfce4 (blank scren, then
kdm screen again).

So, what should I do or see first to try to resolve this issue?


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