integrated internet browser

Stephane Ascoet cyberespacesaint-thonan at
Sat Sep 10 17:44:17 CEST 2005

>     Then you have to clear up your screen by closing the download
>     manager and the first redundant window.
All of this is out of topic, but all that you want exists!
An addon exists to disable the redundant window!
The download manager can be always hidden by unchecking "display 
download manager" in preferences!

So now you can say xfce+Firefox, it's great :-)
Bien cordialement, Stephane Ascoet, cyberespace Saint-Thonan 
preneur de materiel)
Fait en toute legalite avec Mozilla(sur Apple eMac sous OS X.2.8+AW 
6.2.9), qui est libre et que vous pouvez aussi utiliser

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