Official announcement: Orage

Mickael 'Korbinus' Graf korbinus at
Fri Sep 9 22:37:19 CEST 2005

Dear all,

Xfcalendar is now called Orage. The changes are committed in SVN (in trunk).
If you want to install Orage, please remove your previous installation 
of Xfcalendar. The configuration files are the same.

Orage is a time-managing application for the Xfce desktop environment, 
- Time-based events
- Data stored in ical format.
- Recurring appointments
- Reminder up to 2 days before the event starts
- Possibility to choose your alarm sound
- Repeating the alarm sound until you close the reminder window
- Possibility to duplicate an appointment
- Archiving system for keeping your history in different files for 
avoiding overloads in the main working file.


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