Don Christensen djc at
Thu Oct 13 23:36:24 CEST 2005

Auke Kok wrote:
> I'm going to add another entry to the Xfce ML FAQ withg roughly the 
> following contents:
> ===
> Please, under all circumstances try to avoid posting messages with 
> corporate disclaimers or warnings. These messages are useless, mean 
> nothing legally, are annoying and sometimes outrageous, waste our time 
> trying to find the real content in your message, waste our bandwidth, 
> lower the quality of the mailinglist, and are just plain *annoing*.

If you're going to emphasize a word, at least spell it correctly.  ;-)

> If your corporation requires you to use disclaimers in any way, please 
> sign up for a free webmail acount such as gmail, hotmail or others!

Another typo.

I personally don't mind such a statement, but then, my employer doesn't
force me to include disclaimers, so it wouldn't affect me in any way
(other than not have to see the dumb disclaimers, which is fine by me).


> ===
> I reserve the right to refuse messages to our mailinglists which contain 
> these disclaimers. Thanks for your consideration.
> Auke

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