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Mon Oct 3 05:02:34 CEST 2005

El dom, 02-10-2005 a las 18:48 +0100, Foxy escribió:
> I wonder how to properly mount shares with xfsamba? The problem is that 
> is I try to mount any share I've got a message that only root can mount. 
> OK, I enabled "Mount with sudo" option in xffm settings and it mounts 
> the shares in /tmp directory ok. The problem now is that as sudo it 
> makes the temporary mount point read only for a user, so I cannot do 
> anything with it. How can I walk it around? Also is it possible to mount 
> not in /tmp, but say in /mnt?

Since /tmp is read/write for everybody, then if you cannot write to a
smb mounted volume it is probably because the access rights on the
remote smb server do not permit writing with the user/password
combination you used to browse the server. If no user/password was
prompted, then "guest%%" was used and that user probably does not have
write access on the remote server. Best thing is to configure the remote
server *not* to allow browsing unless a valid user/password combination
is used. Otherwise you can set the user/password combination by means of
the mcs-manager or the environment variable SMB_USER.

OTH, you can also just list the mount characteristics and mount point
you like in /etc/fstab and mount with the fstab plugin instead (fstab
and xfsamba plugin will talk to each other if both are installed).


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