xfce4 and window sizing on NX server

Thomas Eriksson thomas.eriksson at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 21 00:29:20 CET 2005


Is anyone else out there using Xfce4 with NoMachine's NX server?

With release 1.5 of the NX server clients can resize the root window
during a session (at least with a linux client). There seems to be some
problem with the communication between the Xserver and Xfce4 regarding
the size of the root window. Xfce4 always comes up with a window manager
smaller than the root canvas. Example: anything larger than 1024x768
falls back to 1024x768. If asking for 1024x768 Xfce4 comes up as 640x480
and so on.

Now of course, this might be as much of a problem with the NX software
as with Xfce4. However, both Gnome and KDE work just fine, so I thought
I might at least ask if someone here understands what is going on.

I have tested this with version 4.2.2 and of Xfce.
The NX server runs version 1.5.0-70. The problem occurs with all
versions of the NX client and on at least Linux, Windows and OSX.

Greatful for any input,


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