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Don Christensen djc at
Thu Nov 17 16:52:22 CET 2005

aussiefax at wrote:
> Third:
> It's sad to see some linux developers living up to the hasty  
> generalizations that are attached to them.  I'm glad you're so  
> opinionated, but I'd loose the cockiness or you'll miss out on the future,  
> and people will be yawning at your point-of-view instead.  Developers should 
> be taking the opinions of their users seriously, no matter how mundane or 
> idiotic they may seem.  After all, It's the user's choice that matters, not  
> the developers'.  I am looking forward to using Thunar (it sure looks nicer 
> than ROX), but I'd really like to see it become something unique, because I 
> believe in what the developers of XFCE are setting out to accomplish with 
> their desktop.  Simplicity.

This sounds a little backwards to me.  You are being quite presumptuous
to assume that your (a user's) opinion is worth more than a developer's
opinion.  You need to understand that, at least for the Xfce project
(and I would bet a good number of other open source projects), the
"users" that the developers care about are themselves.  That is their
motivation.  Why is it that you think that Xfce would be a failure
if no one other than the developers used it?

Feel free to discuss issues like this, but don't attack the developers
because they are not motivated the way you think they should be.  Be
thankful they choose to share their work with us.  I am.


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