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Thu Nov 17 16:45:05 CET 2005

Stefan Stuhr wrote:
> tor, 17 11 2005 kl. 09:25 -0500, skrev aussiefax at
>>After all, It's the user's choice that matters, not  
>>the developers'.
> Not when the developers works on the project in their free time, for
> free. Then it's the developers opinion that matters. The developer may
> like some of the suggestions the users comes with, but it's the
> developers choice. Then the users may decide that they doesn't like the
> software the developer make, and they may choose to use another DE/WM,
> _that's_ their choice.
> Stefan
> Not a Xfce developer

And this is especially true with Xfce, where the developers have
quite often stated that their motivation is to produce a set of
tools for themselves.  Widespread adoption is a nice secondary
bonus.  Contrast this with something like Firefox, where gaining
marketshare appears to be a primary concern.  Not all open source
projects are motivated in the same ways.


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