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Oblio Oblio apa.chioara at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 18:39:03 CET 2005

> Let me offer a point of clarification; if I've misunderstood you,
> please forgive. The whole point is that it doesn't matter what the
> devs think! You can use whichever plugins you wish, can write more,
> etc. And hey, somebody wrote them, so I'd assume that someone finds
> them useful. :)

No, I'm not that easily influenced :) But he's right, at least for me
A lot of plugins a day makes CPU/RAM go away...
And I do like things moving fast, or I'd be using KDE or Gnome.
And having too many system-watch-type plugins can turn into a sort of mania
:P But the weather plugin is IMHO opinion great, even the KDE one can't
match it (the Xfce one has metric measurements too, more locations, and
better setup). I hope it will be ported to 4.4.

I was even hoping of writing a RSS plugin, but I'm not using the 4.4, and
don't want to write one which will be stillborn. OTOH, I'm quite a noob, so
maybe I should write it to learn the ropes...
But don't on count on me if you want one :)
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