KDE -> Xfce

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Mon Nov 14 20:13:38 CET 2005

Oblio Oblio wrote:

>I tried a lot of things, but to reach the same functionality as with
>XFCE: taskbar, systray, pager (with window drag and drop), launchers,
>maybe a menu (optional), volume control, some CPU/network/weather
>stats, easy config, I ended up with perlpanel + sawfish.
that is not a fair comparison - sawfish is even ``heavier`` than xfwm4 
and perlpanel is the opposite of xfce's panel (lighter - although it 
needs perl which can be considered `bloaty` on itself - dragging along 
gui libraries). You're comparing apples and pears here.

>Excuse me for being a little offtopic, but I recently read a blog by
>Benny Meurer stating that XFCE doesn't have a roadmap. Why is that?
>Every project needs a plan.

not really - Xfce is developing in a direction it sees best - balanced 
between usability, flexibility - modularity (almost evern xfce component 
can be removed!) - and more.

This does not necessarily need to be put on paper - Benny has accused 
Xfce more often of lacking a well-defined goal (and indeed he is right 
about that), but that does not mean that Xfce is disfunctional. On the 
contrary - Xfce is extremely functional - perhaps because it is not 
obstructed by design and goals.

>My 2 cents: I honestly believe that XFCE4.4 should be the opportunity
>to stop adding functionality, and think a bit about optimizing again

your 2c goes into the penny jar - it's getting quite full already ;^)

BTW If you want xfce to be lighter - then you should consider NOT 
installing all xfce components for a change - you'd be surprised what 
you can do with just the panel and the wm.


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