Thunar 0.1.4 and libexo pre-alpha releases

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Mon Nov 14 18:52:47 CET 2005

Hello everybody,

Two months late, there's the first pre-alpha release of Thunar (together
with the required libexo package). As the name suggests, I don't
consider this alpha quality yet. The basic stuff is there, but its by no
means feature complete, and there are still some optimizations to come.
This release is intented for early testing, for people that don't
already live on the cutting edge and for packagers, that don't want to
provide SVN snapshots.

You'll need libxfce4util 4.2 or better, Gtk+ 2.6, shared-mime-info 0.15
or better and desktop-file-utils 0.10 or better to run Thunar.

I decided to strip off some stuff from Thunar 1.0 to make sure it'll be
ready for Xfce 4.4. It is no longer URI-based, but it's based on local
paths. This means that it won't provide a trash (which would be accessed
through the trash:-URI scheme) in the first version. Well there is
another important reason to not provide a trash: implementation for 1.0,
because right now, every VFS implements the trash spec slightly
different (the trash-id is not garantied to match), which means that
opening a trashed file from Thunar in a KDE program might fail, because
the kio job has assigned a different trash-id. I expect this problem to
go away once we have a common D-VFS.

The tarballs for the release are available at:

Please report bugs to the Xfce Bugtracking System at (product "Thunar"):

Please use the thunar-dev mailing list for questions and general discussion.

On a related note, I have been asked several times now to provide
numbers "how lightweight Thunar really is". This is certainly not
possible, as the exact "lightweight-factor" depends on the use case, but
to stop people from sending me those mails, I put up a rough(!)
comparison of Thunar to Nautilus, Konqueror, ROX and Xffm at:

Have fun,

PS: Jeff/Nick, can you update the Thunar website (if Auke agrees)?

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