Xfdesktop with xorg virtual resolution

Nick Deubert ndeubert at optonline.net
Mon Nov 14 18:02:14 CET 2005

>>Now with that out of the way I have one issue/possible bug... I set my 
>>xorg to use a virtual resolution of 1024x768 and actual resolution is 
>>640x480(im using a really small screen). This works fine when starting X 
>>alone (with startx), the screen scrolls in all directions fine when i 
>>move the mouse to the edge. Then as soon as I launch xfdesktop (with or 
>>without xfce4-session) the desktop gets locked in at 640x480. and I can 
>>no longer scroll arround. I know this used to work because I used to use 
>>it all the time and lastly I'm using the vesa driver if that matters. Is 
>>this explicity disabled? Is there an option or something to allow this?
>This really makes no sense to me, as xfdesktop doesn't touch your
>display settings.  It just asks GDK (which asks X) what the screen size
>is.  Perhaps the Display MCS plugin settings are overriding your
>xorg.conf, and the timing is just a coincidence?
Sorry let me try explaining this differently...
SubSection "Display"
       Viewport   0 0
       Modes   "640x480"
       Depth     24
      Virtual     1024 768

This is what I did to try and narrow it down somewhat....
from the first terminal I run:
$ X& (it launches fine)
$ export DISPLAY=:0.0
$ xterm (a window manager-less window appears in the top right of the X 
server... if i move the mouse to the edge of the right side of the 
screen, then xterm  scrolls off the left side which is correct)
$ xfdesktop& (now xfdesktop starts but its wallpaper size is only 
640x480 and I cannot scroll off the screen anymore

I'm not saying it changes any display settings it just doesn't seem to 
be compatible with the virtual resolution feature of xorg anymore(at 
least not out of the box and on this setup). I also noticed it starts an 
xfce-mcs-manager process, are you saying this has settings of its own? 
It seems like, however it works, xfdesktop may be getting the wrong 
resolution from X instead of getting the virtual one, its grabbing the 
actual one.

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