command for OpenOffice 2 writer

Rosemary McGillicuddy mcgillra at
Fri Nov 11 21:31:47 CET 2005

Alexander Toresson wrote:

> Tip for next time: simply fire up a console and use auto-completion
> with tab to figure out the right command. That is, op<tab> (and one
> more <tab> if that doesn't show you anything), and if that doesn't
> work, try oo<tab> etc
> Regards, Alexander Toresson

Excellent tip - thanks.  It's how I was told on #lfd so have made a note 
of it.

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  >   >I don't really regard bible-kjv-text as a technical document,
 >   > but... :)

 > It's a manual -- for living.

But it hasn't been updated in a long time, many would say that it's
sadly out of date, and the upstream maintainer doesn't respond to his
email.  :-)
         -- Branden Robinson, Oliver Elphick, and Chris Waters in a
            message to debian-policy

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