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Thu Nov 10 19:21:38 CET 2005

2005/11/9, Erik Harrison <erikharrison at>:
> I've got a question I'd like to ask everyone, to help me build some
> use cases for the panel.
> How often do you add a plugin to the panel, after desktop setup?

When normally using Xfce only on desktop setup and sometimes add/remove a
But i also write plugins, so i try/test/check the plugin by add/remove it
from the panel etc.etc.

How often do you remove a panel plugin? Why?

See lines above :P.

How often do you move items in the panel around? Why?

Never, programs left, takslist centered, plugins right.

The current setup of the panel is quite good. Not to much items in the
properties menu. And while
most people don't add plugins every minute, it's no problem to do a few more
clicks to add some stuff.

So, i really like the new panel, it's a lot better than the "old" version.
It still needs a little polishing for the
4.4 release, but Jasper did a great job. New plugin interface is a lot
better/easier, so more people can write
their own plugin.

That's my 0.02 for the new panel, Greets Nick

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