Panel Use

Outis mr0utis at
Thu Nov 10 10:26:31 CET 2005

>>Erik Harrison wrote:
>>>I've got a question I'd like to ask everyone, to help me build some
>>>use cases for the panel.
>>>How often do you add a plugin to the panel, after desktop setup?
>>>How often do you remove a panel plugin? Why?
>>>How often do you move items in the panel around? Why?
I prefer a simple panel and right now I have only three launchers plus
the pager, and 2 plugins: battery and minicmd. I very rarely alter the
order of items or move them around, because I have a visual image of the
panel in my mind and like to do things without thinking. I do try every
plugin as they come out or find about them. While they are *on trial* I
place them on the right or the left end of the panel so I remember to
use them. If I decide to keep a plugin, I rearrange the panel, but
curiously enough, I do not mix launchers and plugins. Do not ask me why,
I do not know :-).

So, in short, my answer to your questions would be: 1) Every time I find
about a new plugin. Because I am curious. 2) Very, very often. Because I
am curious, but in the end I prefer a simple panel 3) Very rarely, I add
items to one end or the other, but do not really rearrange the panel or
move items around.

A mess, but I hope it helps somehow.


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