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Harold h.aling at
Wed Nov 9 09:38:46 CET 2005

I seem to have settled on a certain panel config: My panel now consistes 
of 2 xfdesktop menu's (system and personal), minicmd, clipman, desktop 
switcher, taskbar, desktop switcher, mixer*, sysmon, systray, time. (* 
as soon as this plugin gets ported to 4.4)

Once in a while I get the idea that things can be better, so I try to 
rearrange things, add a secondary panel for the items I use least, move 
that panel around, make panels 'autohide' but in the end I come back to 
the setup above...


Erik Harrison wrote:
> I've got a question I'd like to ask everyone, to help me build some
> use cases for the panel.
> How often do you add a plugin to the panel, after desktop setup?
> How often do you remove a panel plugin? Why?
> How often do you move items in the panel around? Why?
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