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Tue Nov 8 17:37:50 CET 2005

chris dunn wrote:

>Having moved to XFCE4 under Ubuntu Breezy (after the initial Gnome 
>default), I have ended up with a confusing desktop menu situation.
>The desktop menu seems to include everything under the sun, including 
>some of the original Gnome entries. All the Xfce 4 entries seem to be 
>present under Settings.
>I'd like to completely revamp the menus to suit my needs and am 
>floundering around trying to find out how the desktop menu generation 
>system works.
>Running smeg seems to show a (somewhat) different set of entries to that 
>which actually exists on the desktop menu. Running Xfce 4 menu editor 
>shows only a few basic entries from the existing desktop menu. I've been 
>unable to locate any useful information on the operation of smeg or xfce 
>4 menu editor.
>Where are these three (desktop + smeg + xfce 4 menu editor) getting 
>their information from?
>Is there a desktop menu primer somewhere that I've failed to spot?
>Or can some kind soul give me a pointer as to where to start sorting out 
>this chaos.
>Chris Dunn
As I understand it, xfce looks for .desktop files in all usual dirs 
(like /usr/share/apps) and puts programmes in the menu according to the 
category stated in this file. I do not know a way to exclude the items 
from the auto menu apart from deleting a file. I guess you can change 
the category in the appropriate .desktop file (it is a simple text file) 
to have it where you need it...

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