Xfce Not Loading .desktop File

Mark Kane mark at mkproductions.org
Tue Nov 1 00:01:20 CET 2005

Mark Kane wrote:
> Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
>>Andrew Conkling schreef:
>>>On 10/25/05, Mark Kane <mark at mkproductions.org> wrote:
>>>>Hi everyone. I am setting up Xfce on another machine and I'm having a
>>>>bit of trouble. For the most part, new applications that I install
>>>>through the FreeBSD ports system create the .desktop files in the proper
>>>>location. A few have not, so I created them manually in the right
>>>>location (/usr/X11R6/share/applications/) and they all worked but one.
>>Hmm, maybe a silly question, but are the openoffice programs in the 
>>PATH? Can you run them from a terminal?
> Yep.
> It seems like an odd issue to me since in the past usually restarting 
> the Xfce panel refreshed them, and certainly a restart of Xfce itself 
> did. I can't see anything wrong in the syntaxes and the path of the 
> applications directory is correct.
> Thanks
> -Mark

Don't mean to bug, but any more ideas on this? The .desktop files for 
OpenOffice still are not showing up on the menu (and no Office category 
is present at all either). They are in the correct path as the rest of 
the .desktop files that do show up properly, but the OpenOffice ones 
still do not. The OpenOffice binaries are in the $PATH so that shouldn't 
be it either.

I'm giving this box to my boss to use soon and he's completely new to 
*nix so he needs everything to be in the menu.

Thanks a lot!


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