Need Help With MUA Problem

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Tue May 31 19:54:50 CEST 2005

   Yesterday, I upgraded the OS on my main workstation/server to
Slackware-10.1 and Xfce-4.2.x (from Xfce-4.0.6). The only residual problem
is with pine running in a virtual terminal under the X window system. I do
not know if the problem is within xfce, pine-4.62, or some other place.
Here's the situation:

   Pine is invoked from the xfce panel within an rxvt virtual terminal. It
displays as I want: white text on a black background. Pine is configured to
use an alternate editor, joe. It's config file specifies the use of
/usr/bin/joe for message writing. This is the same as before. However, what
has changed is the appearance and behavior of the windows when I create,
reply to, or forward a message.

   When I start to compose, reply, or forward, the screen appears as above,
with the window title of "pine" and the colors correct. There is no cursor,
however. It must be black-on-black for it's just not visible at all.

   As soon as I move the focus to the body of the message, the virtual
terminal type switches from rxvt to xterm and the display is now black
foreground on a white background, the opposite of what I want and what it
used to be.

   I have the same problem with slrn for Usenet.

   Does anyone have a clue where I can fix these issues? I see nothing within
pine's setup/config and nothing in .joerc or .xfce4/xfce4rc. It's the last
piece of the puzzle to get me back where I was before the upgrade.



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