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Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at ant.uni-bremen.de
Tue May 31 09:27:00 CEST 2005

Anthony Ewell wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am running White Box Enterprise Linux 4 (WBEL4),
> which is the same thing as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
> (RHEL4), only cheaper.  WBEL4 is based on Fedora Core 3.
> I am running xfce-4.2.2-rpm-fdr-i386.tar.bz2.
> Since upgrading, I have noticed that the scroll bar
> on the right of my xterm windows is missing.
> Is this an XFce thing or a WBEL4 thing?
> Many thanks,
> --Tony

Hi Tony,

put something like:

xterm*ScrollBar: true
xterm*rightScrollBar: true

in your ~/.Xresources

Then either log out and in again or execute:

$ xrdb -merge .Xresources

This will bring the scrollbar back.


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