Graphical login

Marc H. Thoben chojin at
Mon May 30 02:29:02 CEST 2005

Paul Tansom wrote:
> As it happens this proved to be down to adding a couple of new
> partitions to my drive in some free space. My swap partition moved up a
> couple of points (hda4 to hda6 or something like that), so it wasn't
> being mounted by fstab. This meant that when I ran out of physical
> memory something would have to be killed, and sadly this was X and
> everything that depended on it - cut back on memory usage nicely
> though ;)

lol, some nice worst-case scenario i'd say ;)

Anyways, just in case, you could always use the emergency brake of 
passing "single" as kernel parameter to boot into single-user runlevel, 
wherein no graphical login manager will be started.

Best regards,

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