Graphical login

Marc H. Thoben chojin at
Fri May 27 17:13:39 CEST 2005

Paul Tansom wrote:
> ...
> I'm looking to experimentally switch to a graphical login prompt instead
> of using startxfce4 every time I power on.

You should get every login manager to start Xfce by supplying the right 
config file (i.e. a xfce4.desktop for gdm with the line exec=startxfce4).

But, depending on how heavily you have modified your environment 
(/etc/profile, ~/.profile etc), you might end up with more work than you 
expected. Logging in on the console and using startx or startxfce4 
brings up your windows manager using the enviroment variables you had on 
that console. If you start your session from a graphical login manager 
it all depends on the X startup script (/etc/X11/Xsession) your 
distribution provides.

Whatever choice you make.. good luck :)

Best regards,

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