xfsm-shutdown-helper sudo error messages

J. Lewis Muir jlmuir at anl.gov
Mon May 23 23:01:32 CEST 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
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> J. Lewis Muir wrote:
>>I don't want to allow users to shutdown or reboot the computer when
>>they log out of their desktop session.
>>By default, the radio buttons on the logout dialog box are grayed
>>out -- this is the behavior I want. But every time a user logs out
>>I get a syslog entry from sudo saying "command not allowed" where
>>the command is a full path to xfsm-shutdown-helper.
> I believe this is normal.  xfce4-session runs this (using sudo) to
> check to see if it should enable the shutdown/reboot radio items.
>>So my guess is that Xfce is invoking this command via sudo. I don't
>>want to add an entry for this to my sudoers file; I don't want to
>>allow users to shutdown or reboot the computer.
> Sure, then don't.  Why do you think you need to?

I don't want to see the sudo errors in my security log.


>     -brian
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