Fast User Switching

Peter hpklett at
Sun May 22 02:10:59 CEST 2005

I can't seem to find "New Login".  Is that part of xfce, or is that a plugin
of some sort?  Just for reference, the only version I have is the stock
Fedora Core 3 version, until I get my Gentoo system built.  Sorry if I'm
asking stupid questions, but finding info about Fast User Switching is like
pulling teeth, no matter what you're using.

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> well, it's work fine for me. I use gdm. just right click on the
> desktop, select New Login from the menu and you'll got your gdm login
> screen again. as usual, use ALT+F7 .... ALT+F8 ... etc to switch the
> screen. really useful if you want to use other window manager other
> than xfce.
> On 5/22/05, Peter <hpklett at> wrote:
> >
> > Hey, I've looked around at xfce and I like it, well, at least the
> > So here's my question, has anyone gotten fast user switching to work?
> > found two (or maybe the same, but two names) GNOME panel applets that do
> > and integrate with GDM.  KDE seems to do it out of the box, though I'm
> > entirely sure if or how.  I hear there is a way to do GNOME panel
applets in
> > xfce (which I may do anyway for Rhythmbox), so if I install GDM is there
> > reason this won't work?  Perhaps a better question is whether there's
> > tree to bark up.  Thanks in advance.
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