Failed to discover CUPS

Buck xfce at
Tue Mar 29 09:01:27 CEST 2005

it's about time I asked my question here.
The problem I'm having is with xfce printing subsystem, in FreeBSD
5.3-RELEASE. I'm compiling from ports, and during the configure stage
I get this:
checking for ppdFindAttr in -lcups... no

It doesn't matter whether I explicitly tell configure to enable CUPS
support or not, naturally.

The question, since most of you aren't familiar with FreeBSD, is where
to look to help configure find ppdFindAttr. I tried digging through
the script, but it's just too overwhelming. Or does ppdFindAttr==no
means that it finds CUPS libraries but they're somehow 'wrong'?

Any help is greatly appreciated - I can't print from XFCE.


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