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Paul Tansom paul at
Mon Mar 21 01:29:19 CET 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-20 at 00:07 +0000, Tony Whitmore wrote:
> Paul Tansom wrote:
> > Thanks for the replies everyone, I had a feeling that upgrading to 4.2.x
> > was going to become tempting pretty soon - sounds like pretty soon is
> > sometime about now :) I shall investigate the pros and cons of going for
> > the deb packages or the installer and then give it a go.
> > 
> I've used the deb packages from OS works on Sarge without a problem, 
> thus far.

Just installed and all is fine - looking good in fact. The only problem
I have to fix is that xffm4 and xffm4-icons were removed, and with them
all the icons I had in use (from the Crystal theme iirc). Need to track
them down so I can reduce the number of "other icon" ones I have!

> Tony
> P.S. Argh! HantsLUG everywhere! ;)

Absolutely. Well I am on about 40 mailing lists (of various volumes of
traffic). Time for another trim I suspect as they've crept up again -
although some, like the SmoothWall one, seem to be pretty much deceased
(I think I finally removed myself from the Stormix Storm Linux one which
lasted long after the ceased trading!).

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