XFCE Panel configuration problem

Alexander Soudackov souda at chem.psu.edu
Fri Mar 18 23:15:17 CET 2005

I just upgraded to XFCE 4.2 on my laptop and got very strange behaviour 
of the XFCE panel. When I login to XFCE (panel starts automatically) for 
the first time the panel configuration file (contents.xml) is created in 
my ~/.config/xfce4/panel. The file gets copied from the system directory 
and for some reason gets renamed as contents.xml.active. Now, when I 
customize the panel (add buttons, etc.) and logout, the next time I 
login, a new fresh copy of the system standard contents.xml file gets 
copied to my ~/.config/xfce4/panel again! So, all my changes get lost! I 
have never seen this before, so please, does anybody have an idea of 
what is going on? And how I can fix it?


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