Strange panel issue

P. Ekholm pelle.ekh at
Thu Mar 17 17:02:30 CET 2005

Have upgraded to XFce4 version 4.2.1. Rebuilded the SRPMS on my centos 
4.0 system. When i log out my panel configuration disappear. I have 
tested different options and my conclusion is that when i select to save 
the current session when logging out, then my panelconfig is gone when i 
come back in, and default config is on. If i don´t check the "save 
session" option in the logout-window when i log out then the panel 
configuration is saved.
Because of that i could´nt use xfce4-session at all, if i do, it wipes 
out my panel config. Save other programs work, but not the panel. What 
am i doing wrong? With 4.2 it was´nt any problem. I tear my hair on this 

P. Ekholm

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