How fast is Xfce's composite manager?

Xavier Otazu xotazu at
Thu Mar 17 12:05:59 CET 2005

	P4-2.1 Ghz, nvidia gmaxforce4, using nvidia drivers (6629) it is
extremely FAST!!!! Executing glxgears I obtain around 800 fps.

	In a similar CPU and SO, using radeom 7500, it is extremely sloooow.

	VESA is ridiculously slooooooooooow.

	Hence, I think it is clear that the speed issue is related to graphic
cards, not to compositors. In fact, I obtain lower fps rates when using
xcompmgr on KDE than using xfce compositor, which means that xfce
compositor is clearly faster than xcompmgr.

	It is the behaviour in my two computers ...


PD: Last 7167 driver is extremely buggy !!!! When I activated the
compositor and tried transset, computer crashed, and I've lost recently
modified files (xorg.conf and all my firefox bookmarks !) :-( I reverted
to 6629 drivers

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