vnc and xfce

Bob Snyder bob.snyder at
Wed Mar 16 05:21:42 CET 2005

Richard Hubbell wrote:

>I am trying to use vncserver on a host that has display :0 running a
>xfce desktop
>when I start vncserver and connect from a remote host it doesn't work.
>  Is there some way
>to allow more than one xfwm to run on the same host?   I'm running
>startxfce4 from the
>~/.vnc/startx script
> Does anyone know if this is possible?

Well, it's certainly possible, since I do it all the time. My 
~/.vnc/startx is a symlink to ~/.xinitrc. I run two X instances on my 
local machine, so when running remotely I get :2. I use an ssh tunnel so 
when I'm at the remote machine (WinXP) I connect  to 'localhost:0'. I'd 
look outside of Xfce for the problem. Don't know if this helps much 
though :-)

Bob S.

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