New Version of Xfce4PanelMenu released

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at
Tue Mar 8 16:22:05 CET 2005

Marc Schwartz wrote:


> 2. A related comment with respect to the recently used files list. At 
> the moment, it is several clicks away by having it embedded in the file 
> browser. I wonder if it could be separated and have its own menu list, 
> perhaps under the current Applications menu in the left hand column. 
> That would make it more readily accessible and therefore usable.
> In addition, it is my understanding that the process by which MIME types 
> and applications are associated is to an extent in a state of flux and 
> that the folks are "working on it". Obviously not all 
> FM's are compliant yet so a "universal" approach may not be 
> available.
> One option to consider might be to allow the user to specify a command 
> to be used when clicking on (or selecting) a file in the recently used 
> list or menu. If for example, one specifies 'rox', the existing 
> associations would seem to open the file with the proper application, 
> without further prompting. I tried this with several different MIME 
> types and it seems to work well. Thus using 'rox' + FileName opens the 
> file with the proper application as per the associations.
> I am not sure how widely applicable this approach is or if there is a 
> better means of utilizing MIME/Application associations at this point. I 
> think that xffm uses its own approach to this.
> If the command is left blank, then the user is prompted for the 
> application to use as you do now.


A quick follow up. I have played around with xffm this morning and note 
that if one opens a file in xffm and checks the "remember" box, the 
MIME/Application association is set, much like in Rox.

So for example, if I open a text file with xemacs and set the remember 
box, I can then run the command "xffm TextFileName" at the console and 
the text file will be opened with Xemacs.

So that would suggest that at least Rox and xffm have this capability, 
which means that the above suggestion would work in two cases.

I have tried this with Nautilus, but cannot seem to get similar 
functionality yet. There may be a command line option that I am not 
using, but "nautilus TextFileName" is not yet working.

If someone else might have an idea on this, it would be helpful, since 
then we might cover three of the more popular FM's in use under Xfce.



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