New Version of Xfce4PanelMenu released

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at
Mon Mar 7 04:55:14 CET 2005

Radoslaw Pociecha wrote:
> Hello
> Version 0.2.2 of Xfce4PanelMenu is out.
> Xfce4PanelMenu is a plugin for Xfce4 panel that provides a menu with 
> most often used apps list, additionaly enables quickly mount devices 
> listed in /etc/fstab/  and open files.
> links:
> homepage:
> download: 
> screenshots:
> Radoslaw Pociecha


A great addition!

I have a few comments:

1. It is a quirk of mine, but once in a while I click on the menu button 
to check on something and then want to click it again to clear the menu 
from the screen. Right now, I need to click on the desktop or another 
application window to clear the menu. It would be nice if I could click 
on the menu button again to clear it. The Xfce Menu panel applet 
functions in this way for comparison.

2. When clicking on the menu and then clicking on the previously focused 
window, the previously focused window does not regain focus. I need to 
click on another window or the desktop and then the original window in 
order for it to regain focus. Seems to be predictably repeatable.

3. Using the mount/unmount applet, the information displayed is cutoff 
horizontally (at the right margin). I need to make the menu width >1000 
pixels on a 1600x1200 display to get most of the information in the 
window. Is it possible the have the window horizontally scroll so that 
the default width does not need to be so big?

4. In the file browser, the "Recent files" option does not seem to pick 
up the entries in ~/.recently-used. Is the list supposed to pick up the 
entries in that file or do they come from elsewhere?

5. Also in the file browser, might it be possible to enable/disable the 
display of the MIME types?

This is on FC3.

Thanks again


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