mixer plugin

Sergey Manucharyan sm at netsys.am
Fri Mar 4 14:30:57 CET 2005

Hi Jasper,

Though I'm not so experienced in gtk, but trying to playing with 
mixer plugin, because after I've turned my panel into vertical 
direction the volume control has became not so nice as it was. The 
problem is the slider is still vertical and much more shorter (the 
sliders of other plugins are horizontal now). The hacking of "xfce- 
mixer-slider-tiny.c" doesn't help much, because after putting the 
slider in horizontal position it still remains next to the icon and 
very short. I've just replaced 5 with 0 in gtk_box_pack_start function 
call to make the slider taller. I can see it on the attached screenshot.

Maybe it is reasonable to add some controls (including color) to 
the mixer plugin?

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