Change resolution with XFCE4.0

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Mar 3 03:11:31 CET 2005

Jonathan Chen wrote:

> Hi I tried to look around and was unable to find any documents as to 
> how I can change the screen size.   This is a none issue if I was 
> logging in and starting xfce via console.   But it is a problem when 
> logging in via remote using FreeNX.   So is there  a way I can have 
> startxfce4 to use a resolution size that I want?

4.0 doesn't have support for the XRANDR extension, that is, changing the 
X display resolution on the fly.  You'll have to edit your 
xorg.conf/XF86Config file (depending on which X server you're using) to 
change the screen size.


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