Fwd: SVN snapshots

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Thu Jun 9 13:05:03 CEST 2005

Nick Schermer wrote:

> I've created a small bash script to build the SVN snapshots, i'm 
> working on a version with pkgname-revisionnumber.tar.bz2 but it's nog 
> working atm.
> You can take a look at it if you like (xffm and friends are not 
> includes because i'm not using it).
> Greets, Xerverius
> PS. sorry pollux i used the reply button :).

please try not to write scripts that do a svn CO and wipe the sources 
afterwards. This is a useless waste of resources on the server and your 
machine. You're far better off doing a CO only when the module hasn't 
been extracted as well, and it saves you a tonload (and the server as 
well) of bandwidth

something like this is preferred:

for module in $modules ; do
  if [ ! -d $module ]; then
    cd module
    make distclean
    svn up
    svn co module
  cd module
  autogen + compile


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