Misu Moldovan dumol at home.ro
Thu Jun 9 12:29:36 CEST 2005

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 12:18:14PM +0300, Misu Moldovan wrote:
>>Sebastiano Pomata wrote:
>>>I've updated to latest version of gkrellm but I still have this
>>>problem: on loading, for almost 5-6 seconds the gkreelm window is "cut"
>>>on the bottom, and I can't read the whole monitors. Also if I click for
>>>showing the list of mountpoints, I get this strange clipping of the
>>>window. I'm running xfce-4.2.2
>>I confirm this. It has been present in Xfce 4.2 since as long as I can
>>remember and I've start it to use Xfce 4.2 in the RC days. I've seen it
>>in Debian sid/sarge and Gentoo with any GKrellM settings. I think it is
>>a bug in xfwm4. It's enough to run GKrellM 2.x and you'll see what this
>>is all about...
> Do you use the composite extension? If so, does it also happen when you turn
> it off?

No, I don't use it. And the bug is reproducible in both XFree86 and
X.org. I've seen it on at least four different machines with different
installations and settings. In fact, I have yet to see an Xfce 4.2
installation that doesn't expose this problem with GKrellM.

My way of coping with it is to change the dimension of the GKrellM
window by incrementing the size of one of it's charts. Decrementing the
size back will fix the appearance of the GKrellM window. This works on
the three installations that I use (sid, sarge & ubuntu). For a
colleague of mine, changing workspaces used to fix the problem (at least
in the RC days, now he's a KDE fanboy).


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