feature request: all windows cyclable by keyboard shortcut

W. Lichtenberger wowowolf at web.de
Tue Jun 7 15:01:19 CEST 2005


On Tue, 07 Jun 2005 14:31:44 +0200, , Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at xfce.org>  
> On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 02:05:42PM +0200, W. Lichtenberger wrote:
>> I'd still like to be able to get at any window by keyboard shortcut
>> regardless of which virtual desktop it's on.
>> This could be f.e.
>> 	- an expansion of the Alt-Tab code,
>> 	- enabling the window list to navigate by first letter of window name,
>> 	- any other way that wouldn't require more than say 10 keypresses or
>> having to reach for and aiming the mouse.
>> This is actually one small point only in an overall very pleased
>> experience in using the fine XFCE4 desktop environment.
> If you could add an enhancement request to bugzilla.xfce.org, that would  
> help us keep track of it.

i didn't think of this as a bug 8^). Anyway i'll try and do that.

Meanwhile, i believe that getting a kind of poll of opinions here is  
possibly a better first step. I'm not that sure which method is easiest to  
code or liked best here on average, so i'll put this up for discussion  
here first.

> What would the enhancement to the Alt-Tab code look like? Compared to the
> window list, you would still need a similar amount of key presses.

You're right, i'm trying to reduce the necessary key presses there.

The Window list is indeed already available to do what i asked, but  
contains extra entries (like desktop name and sticky windows once for  
every desktop) to have to skip extra to get at the goal.

Window name first-letter-navigation like in MC or Krusader could  
significantly speed that up. Another way could be to auto-skip desktop  
names and a different layout, grouping sticky windows at the end, since  
those are already reachable by alt+tab on the current desktop.

-- W. Lichtenberger

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