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Joe Klemmer klemmerj at
Thu Jun 2 05:02:47 CEST 2005

Joe Klemmer wrote:

>     It's been a while now since I've been active in this list.  My 
> physical health has, as a few might remember, not been 100% for many 
> years now. However, things have changed for the worse very quickly.  I 
> have become unable to walk or stand or sit for more than a few minutes.

    It seems there might have been a /slight/ misunderstanding regarding 
this email.  The fault is all mine for not being clear in what I was 

    For the record:  I am not, repeat, *not thinking of suicide* or 
anything similar.  The "goodbye" was meant as a goodbye from the list.  
I will still be here in the real world.  I just won't be doing any 
techie related things.  I'm shifting to a user only mode.

    Lastly, to the kind and well meaning fellow from the Great White 
North, thank you for caring.  The police were very prompt and also very 
understanding.  I would hope that if I were ever actually in a 
"situation" there would be people out there who would care as much as 
this gentleman did.

    So, bottom line...  I am only saying goodbye to the techie world and 
retiring to a life of leisure.  Or traction, whichever comes first.

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