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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Wed Jun 1 01:53:10 CEST 2005

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Rich Shepard wrote:

> Yesterday, I upgraded the OS on my main workstation/server to
> Slackware-10.1 and Xfce-4.2.x (from Xfce-4.0.6). The only residual
> problem is with pine running in a virtual terminal under the X
> window system. I do not know if the problem is within xfce,
> pine-4.62, or some other place. Here's the situation:
> Pine is invoked from the xfce panel within an rxvt virtual
> terminal. It displays as I want: white text on a black background.
> Pine is configured to use an alternate editor, joe. It's config
> file specifies the use of /usr/bin/joe for message writing. This is
> the same as before. However, what has changed is the appearance
> and behavior of the windows when I create, reply to, or forward a
> message.
> When I start to compose, reply, or forward, the screen appears as
> above, with the window title of "pine" and the colors correct.
> There is no cursor, however. It must be black-on-black for it's
> just not visible at all.
> As soon as I move the focus to the body of the message, the virtual
> terminal type switches from rxvt to xterm

Er, do you mean the value of the TERM variable?  Not sure what you
mean here.

> and the display is now black foreground on a white background, the
> opposite of what I want and what it used to be.
> I have the same problem with slrn for Usenet.
> Does anyone have a clue where I can fix these issues? I see nothing
> within pine's setup/config and nothing in .joerc or
> .xfce4/xfce4rc. It's the last piece of the puzzle to get me back
> where I was before the upgrade.

There's really no way this has anything to do with Xfce.  The culprit
is probably joe itself, or perhaps rxvt.  It's also possible that the
upgrade changed some things in termcap/terminfo that give you this
problem.  Since I see in another post that this works fine outside of
X, my money would be on either termcap/terminfo or rxvt.


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