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Paul Tansom paul at
Fri Apr 22 21:18:47 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 10:10 -0700, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> > If
> > so then I'm covered without having to resort to the CLI - much as I like
> > using the CLI for many things, opening it up for a quick command is not
> > so appealing! That said it's probably not too difficult to create a
> > button to do the job for me :)
> The reason I pointed out a CLI way of doing it was because you had
> mentioned having to remote-reboot the machine... I thought that was your
> main use-case ^_^.

I see where you were coming from. Unfortunately by that time X has gone
along with any apps that were running in it (XFCE, browser, etc.) and
along with that any means of communicating with the machine bar via a
remote SSH terminal. Unless you know of a means of regaining control of
the machine when the local keyboard and mouse are apparently only
communicating with the defunct X session and the screen is stuck with
what used to be on that session it's a case of reboot. Certainly the
panel is long gone :(
>  I should probably look into a means of classing X as a service not to be
> > killed...
> Check 'man 3 malloc'.  I believe there's a note near the bottom of the
> man page about how Linux handles memory overcommitting, and a way to
> disable the OOM killer entirely.  In that case, the app that requested
> memory and failed will most likely crash, unless it's smart and is
> written to handle that condition gracefully (not likely).

I'll have to read up. If you note my other replies (I think I have the
details in the threads on this list too) it seems likely that there is
more going on than I first though. Evolution is by far the biggest
memory hog in spite of the significant drop in usage after closing the
browser (actually more that the total used by the browser) and X is only
using a pittance by comparison. It seems that the OOM killer is being a
little over zealous. Also I don't see any usage at all of swap space for
some reason. More digging if I can get the chance before the whole
system gets wiped for a hardware upgrade!
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