Saving panel settings

Paul Tansom paul at
Thu Apr 21 17:30:26 CEST 2005

I may be jumping the gun a bit and missing the obvious (probably am but
my brain is full of cotton wool at the moment!), so apologies if this is
asking someone to state the obvious, but is there a way of saving the
changes of the XFCE panel without a full close and restart of XFCE -
I've not found a save settings option yet or similar. I've just tried a
restart of the panel, which may do it, but I'm not in a position to
simulate a lockup and see if everything has been saved at the moment :)

As an aside to this I'll mention that my lockups seem to leave the XFCE
screen in video memory post X being killed. This looks to be due to
memory topping out (512M), which in turn comes down to applications not
releasing it back (I think). Mozilla and Firefox seem to be the biggest
culprits here, but Evolution weighs in pretty high as well. I'm fine if
I close and restart them periodically (once a day or every other day
ish). Both memory and hard disks have been fully tested and show now
sign of failing, so it must be a configuration or memory leak issue! 

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