KDE applications in menu

Tom Munro Glass gentoo at tmgcon.com
Wed Apr 20 04:30:42 CEST 2005

Having been a KDE user for a couple of years, I've recently switched over to 
Xfce and find that overall it is much more responsive. 

One problem I'm having is that KDE applications don't show up in the desktop 
menu. I realise that I can create my own menu structure using the excellent 
Menu Editor, but I wondered if there is an easy way to get Xfce to use the 
existing KDE menu. I tried adding the following symlink:

/usr/share/applications/kde -> /usr/kde/3.3/share/applications/kde

and now most KDE applications show up somewhere in the Xfce desktop menu, but 
there aren't any icons and some applications don't seem to be in the right 

Can anyone please tell me how to get this working?


Tom Munro Glass

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