application does not appear on the appropriate desktop.

Erik Peterson erik.exists at
Fri Apr 15 22:20:42 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I have a small feature request and/or a bug; I am not quite sure how
it will be viewed.

A play by play of the behavior of interest.

1.  Launch application on desktop X

2.  The app starts to load, all is well.

2.  Before the app has finished loading switch to desktop Y, via the
scroll wheel.

4.  The app finishes loading and appears on desktop Y, instead of X
where I intended it to go.

I would like the app to stay on desktop X not "jump" over to Y.  

This is definitely a minor thing and can be corrected by me by just
waiting around for a few more seconds. That being said I find the
scroll wheel-desktop switching behavior to be most useful and in my
humble book qualifies as a "killer feature" for xfce4* and the waiting
just diminishes its usefulness a tiny bit.
I did a quick search of bugzilla before posting and found nothing
relevant, apologies if this is redundant.

Thank you devs for all your work.


(ps  In looking around the XFCE web page i saw no way to donate $, I
would like to contribute in this regard, how can i do so?)

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